Phenq Supplement Facts 101

small-phenqIf you are wondering about Phenq, you should know that it is really just one of the many products that help you lose weight. But perhaps what makes it different from all the other products is the fact that it has a proprietary ingredient not found in other products and that proprietary ingredient has been proven in lab tests to be more effective than the placebo effect.

This ingredient is known as a-Lacy Reset and while we don’t know how it actually works, it has been credited for making Phenq a very effective weight loss product. But of course, it helps that the product also has other ingredients that are known to make you lose weight, suppress your appetite and make you feel more energetic.

What are these other ingredients? They include calcium, Chromium Picolinate, Capsimax powder. Among the other ingredients mentioned, you might be wondering about calcium. Well, calcium isn’t just good for your bones. It signals your body that all is well and that there is no need to store fat anymore.

If you want to know more about Phenq, you can and should get more information about its ingredients from its official website on or my fan website at The thing about this product is that it is made up of natural ingredients and this should tell you two things: One is that there it has fewer side effects than synthetic diet pills or diet drugs. Two is that it takes time to work.

Diet drugs work fast because there is a high concentration of the active ingredient that makes it work, however, it also causes a lot of unwanted side effects. On the other hand, products with a natural blend of ingredients like Phenq time to work, although you will not be experiencing severe side effects.

If you want this brand of diet pill to work for you, what you should do is to take it for at least one month according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Take two pills spaced between twelve hours. But ideally, you should take it for three months and wait for the results to happen.

Can you eat the same way, take Phenq and still expect the same weight loss results? Well, we doubt that you will still be eating the way sometime after taking Phenq. As we said before, this product has a blend of ingredients that promotes a feeling of well-beingness (remember the calcium?) and suppresses the appetite.